【IELTS文法 Band 6.0】文法構造を使って、IELTSスコアだけでなく海外留学や海外勤務などの素晴らしいチャンスに近づこう

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Past Perfect 

She had been working as a waitress for five years when she met her husband.

Scientists announced the launch of a new medicine to fight cancer. They had been working for ten years before they discovered it.

They had been renting an apartment  in Paris for two years when they decided to buy a house in the countryside.


Future Perfect

I’ll have been working here for twenty-five years when I retire.

I’m fine at the moment, but before the test tomorrow I’ll be feeling very nervous.

This time next year I’ll be living in New York. I’m so excited.

Countable nouns

She bought two kilos of potatoes.

The house has five big windows at the back.

The chairs I bought for the new house are very nice.


Uncountable nouns

The furniture in Kate’s flat is so fashionable.

I need the information on that customer by tomorrow.

You only need three hundred grams of sugar for this recipe.

Modal verbs

You’ll need to work a little harder if you want a promotion.

You have to get a special visa if you want to work in Spain.

He didn’t need to get up so early, the train left at 10am.


Verb+Verb patterns

I decided to study a Management course at university.

I prefer taking more time to understand the problem before making a decision.

I remember feeling really happy when I got my exam results.


Likelihood + conditionals

If I spend all my money now, I might not be able to buy my flight ticket home!

If it rains when you visit, we might not be able to go hiking.

If you leave all your money in the bank, you won’t earn any interest on it.