Welcome to Phillip James English Language School.

Who we are

We are an English language school in Umeda, in the centre of Osaka. We provide  English language courses designed to give teachers the opportunity to further their professional skills, learnt on either the CELTA, TESOL, or DELTA.

Commitment to our staff

Our principle policy for all our staff is ensure continuous professional development. We believe it is essential for everyone who joins our team to find and develop the professional skills needed for their future professional careers.

Our courses

Our courses cover the four skills, Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. In our classes, teachers have the opportunity to employ a range of  authentic materials, from video, news articles, graded readers, and are encouraged to develop their own materials as well.

Our students

Our students are keen to build confidence and ability in the four language skills: reading; writing; listening and speaking. Students also develop their use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Coursework and homework are also central aspects to our courses at Phillip James. As teachers, we take pride in creating interesting and challenging work that fully engages our learners.



Teaching at Phillip James

A typical teaching day at Phillip James

Encouraging creativity

It’s fair to say a lot of coffee gets drunk at Phillip James. Our teachers spend much of their day planning lessons, collaborating with colleagues on lessons plans, and of course teaching. We work hard to maintain a creative environment which is friendly and open to ideas.  We have a growing resource bank of adapted and authentic materials which teachers use every day.

Supporting each other

We look out for each other. For less experienced teachers,  pressure to create and deliver classes that are rewarding for learners, where learning is (almost) always objectively achieved, can be daunting. But no one is ever alone, senior colleagues collaborate with less experienced colleagues to help whenever they can.

For more experienced colleagues it is important that we offer suitable professional development opportunities, such as mentoring, planning and delivering Teacher Training sessions and ESP seminars, creating and delivering CBI lessons, and leading on lesson observations.

Flexible schedule

At Phillip James our teaching staff have a somewhat flexible schedule.

Teachers have a fixed number of classes, but when not teaching or attending any scheduled training sessions or meetings, are free to decide when they work the remaining hours.

Our lessons

All our lessons are planned carefully, with clearly thought out student aims and objectives. Whether it is a group class or a one-to-one class, students expect a range of activities, variation of pace, and most of all, they want to feel they have enjoyed the class.

Our learners

Learners at Phillip James are looking for somewhere that can guarantee them a high degree of professionalism from their teachers. The majority of learners want a variety of homework activities which develop their reading and writing skills. We generally try to give our learners around four to six hours of homework a week, and as you can imagine, to continue to do this much work each work, it has to be highly motivating, meeting the needs of the learner closely.

Professional Development Training

Professional Development


Continuing career advancement and  incentives to keep learning are important aspects to working life at Phillip James.

Once you have completed your CELTA or Trinity Cert. TESOL, it is important to build on what you have learnt.

Our weekly teacher training sessions cover a range of areas such as

  • language skills and learners’ problems
  • the practical uses of resources in a range of teaching contexts
  • evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes

These and other areas of training are adapted from DELTA units   http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/teaching-qualifications/delta/  and are designed to both give teachers a greater depth of knowledge and experience and also to help anyone who is thinking of taking the DELTA in the future.

DELTA Qualified

For teachers who are already DELTA qualified, we offer a range of opportunities for career development.

You may wish to:

  • take on a mentoring role for less experienced teachers
  • lead on certain projects; such as course development or teacher training
  • manage peer observations

We work closely with the Cambridge English Teaching Framework http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/cambridge-english-teaching-framework/, to ensure teachers continue to develop professionally, with a clear career path.

Future Careers in TEFL


  • If you’re finding teaching to be rewarding, and it feels like something you’d like to make a career out of, at least in the mid-term, then most places around the world require you to have a DELTA. This will open up a wide array of opportunities; from teacher training positions to Director of Studies positions, as well as the opportunity to take on writing. Writing course materials, exams materials, as well as course books. This can allow you a great deal of independence in your career.

Career Change

Many teachers find that after a few years in TEFL they want to return to their own countries and try something new. In order to do this more successfully, you’ll need to show that you gained some valuable transferable skills. At Phillip James, this is something we take seriously.

We provide opportunities for our staff to get professional experience in areas of work that future employers value highly, such as:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Team Working
  • Building Relationships for Influece
  • Leading and Developing Others
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Working Strategically

Professional Guidance

All our staff work with more senior management in bi-annual career development sessions. These meeting are designed to help staff identify areas for growth and opportunity, work out a plan for the following six months that will help support their more long-term goals in life.


Advice and discussion on

  • teaching techniques
  • how learners learn
  • career advice for teacher

Contact Us

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about working with us at Phillip James, feel free to email or call us anytime. We are always happy to answer any questions you have.

You can address your emails to Phillip Lee (Owner and Director of Studies)

Contact: contact@phillip-james.com

Tel: 06-6147-2295